About Us

‧We place stringent demands on our printing so that we can
  provide you with the most professional quality products.
Company Philosophy

     Sheng Sing Concern started as a family factory. We attach great importance to the quality of goods as well as innovative research and attitude. Thus,innovation、quality constitute the major philosophy of Sheng Sing Concern.

     Founded in 2002, Sheng Sing Concern began as a small family factory; under the joint efforts of the whole family, our excellent product quality was well received by commercial traders. For this reason, and with the support of family members, the Company was officially established. At the early stage, our business mainly came from overseas orders, with products including banners and other sewing products .

Market Expansion
     With the support of family members and encouragement of our clients, the business turnover of Sheng Sing Concern increased day by day. With the orders of clients becoming more and more diversified and driven by the motivation to develop new products, Sheng Sing Concern successfully researched and developed a feature commodity, Joy Stickers, in response to the varied and changing market in 2005. Based on our familiarity with the banner fabric, we set up an art designing department and a thermal transfer department in 2009; we also opened up our market in bike apparel, cooperating with multiple renowned brands through our excellent printing and transfer technology. In 2010, the printing department was established. Sheng Sing Concern successfully promoted its products to the international market through high-standard product quality and low prices, qualities which are highly sought after by overseas commercial traders. Seeing that many garment technologies have been transferred to Southeast Asia, the Chairman of Sheng Sing Concern hopes to provide our compatriots with the same good quality products, thus driving our expansion in the domestic market as well.